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- Noun

A young person; a youngling; a lad.

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  • Youngster

    Youngster may refer to:

  • Hold on Now, Youngster...

    Hold on Now, Youngster...

    Hold on Now, Youngster... is the debut album by British indie pop band Los Campesinos!, released in February 2008 on Wichita Recordings. It consists of 12 tracks, despite only 11 being listed. This is because "2007: The Year Punk Broke (My Heart)" appears as an unlisted track on the CD version, and as a C-side (the etched orange vinyl) on the double gatefold vinyl. It entered the UK album charts at number 72.

  • Youngster (disambiguation)

  • When I Was a Youngster

    When I Was a Youngster

    "When I Was a Youngster" is the second official single released by British hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks, from their debut studio album, Stereo Typical . The single was released on 21 October 2011 in the United Kingdom. The song samples a ska sample from "Revolution Rock" by The Clash. A music video to accompany the release of "When I Was A Youngster" was uploaded to YouTube on 7 September 2011 at a total length of two minutes and fifty-nine seconds. It features British musician Ed Sheeran throwing shoes at Rizzle Kicks. The duo performed the song live for the first time on The Xtra Factor on 23 October 2011. It was featured in the opening ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

  • Fisher Youngster

    The Fisher Youngster is a Canadian single-seat, conventional landing gear, single-engined, biplane kit aircraft designed for construction by amateur builders. The aircraft was inspired by the German Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister aerobatic aircraft of the 1930s.

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