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- Noun

A pillow for the cheek; a pillow.

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  • Wanger

    Wanger can refer to:

  • Max Wanger

    Max Wanger (born September 24, 1978) is a photographer.

  • Irving Price Wanger

    Irving Price Wanger (March 5, 1852 – January 14, 1940) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.

  • Klaus Wanger

    Klaus Wanger (born 24 February 1941) was Speaker of the Landtag of Liechtenstein (the national Parliament ).

  • Wanger Township, Minnesota

  • Laslo Wanger

    Laslo Wanger (born 19 May 2000 in Germany) is a professional footballer and a national of Germany.

  • Benjamin Wanger

    Benjamin Wanger

    Benjamin Wanger is an American baseball player from Newton, Massachusetts who plays as a first baseman. He committed to play for the Yale baseball team.

  • Wanger Township, MN

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