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- Noun

A person who waltzes.

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  • Waltzer

    A Waltzer is a flat fairground ride that often forms the centrepiece of traditional British and Irish fairs. The ride consists of a number of cars which spin freely while rotating around a central point, in much the same way as a carousel. As the cars revolve, the floor of the ride undulates over a track so that the cars rise and fall gently as the ride spins. The offset weight of the riders causes each car to rotate. The riders experience varying levels of g-force from the spinning of the car, and the rotation of the ride itself. Because of this, it is suitable for young people and adults – operators will impose height and age restrictions.

  • Jack Waltzer

    Jack Waltzer is an acting coach.

  • Kenneth Waltzer

    Kenneth Alan "Kenny" Waltzer (born December 23, 1942) is an American historian and educator, currently director of the Jewish Studies program at Michigan State University (MSU). His research on the Buchenwald concentration camp has focused on the rescue of children and youths inside the camp and has included some notable findings.

  • Spring Waltz OST

    Spring Waltz is the name of a soundtrack in 2006 for the KBS drama Spring Waltz.

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