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- Noun

The reverse, or left-hand, page of a book or a folded sheet of paper; -- opposed to recto.

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  • Verso (disambiguation)

    Verso is the left-hand page of a folded sheet or bound item, such as a book, broadsheet, or pamphlet.

  • Verso sciolto

    Music term Verso sciolto means Free and Unrestricted (informal) lighthearted in tone.

  • Pollice Verso (Gérôme)

    Pollice Verso (Gérôme)

    Pollice Verso (from Latin: with a turned thumb) is an 1872 painting by French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme, featuring the eponymous Roman gesture directed to the winning gladiators.

  • Verso A Verso (horse)

    Verso A Verso is a racing horse. She was sired by Circular Quay with Folk Art as the dam.

  • Mark Verso

    Mark Verso

    Mark Verso is an American soccer player from Los Angeles, California who plays as a forward.

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