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- Noun

One who coins words.

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  • S.S. Verbania Calcio

    Società Sportiva Verbania Calcio, shortened as Verbania, is an Italian association football club

  • Verbania

    Verbania (Italian: [verˈbaːnja] (), Lombard: [ʋerˈbɑːnja], Piedmontese: [verˈbɑnja]) is the most

  • Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola

    Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (Italian: Provincia del Verbano Cusio Ossola [verˈbaːno ˈkuːzjo ˈɔssola]) is the northernmost province in the Italian region of Piedmont. It was created in 1992 through the fusion of three geographical areas which had previously been part of the Province of Novara. The area flanking the western shore of Verbano (or Lago Maggiore) forms the eastern part of the province; Cusio (or Lago d’Orta) and its environs form the southern part; while the north and west of the province consists of the Ossola, a region of Alpine mountains and valleys. The ISO code for the province is VB.

  • Georgina Verbaan

    Georgina Carolina Verbaan (born 9 October 1979) is a Dutch actress and singer. Verbaan is best

  • Verdurian language

    The Verdurian language (known in Verdurian as soa Sfahe, "the Speech") is a constructed language

  • List of mayors of Verbania

    The Mayor of Verbania is an elected politician who, along with the Verbania's City Council

  • Verbania-Pallanza railway station

    Verbania-Pallanza railway station (Italian: Stazione di Verbania-Pallanza) serves the city

  • Veyshnoria

    Veyshnoria (Russian: Вейшнория, romanized: Veyshnoriya, Belarusian: Вейшнорыя, romanized: Viejšnoryja) is a fictional state created for Zapad 2017, a joint Russo–Belarusian military training exercise. It neighbors Belarus and is an enemy of the Union State. Veyshnoria occupies most of the Grodno Region and the northwestern parts of the Minsk and Vitebsk regions.

  • Fortriu

    Fortriu or the Kingdom of Fortriu is the name given by historians for a Pictish kingdom recorded between the 4th and 10th centuries, and often used synonymously with Pictland in general. While traditionally located in and around Strathearn in central Scotland, it is more likely to have been located in and around Moray and Easter Ross in the north.

  • Vestments controversy

    The vestments controversy or vestarian controversy arose in the English Reformation, ostensibly

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