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- Noun

Chromate of copper and lead, of various shades of green.

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  • Vauquelinite


    Vauquelinite is a complex mineral with the formula CuPb 2(Cr O 4)(P O4)(OH ) making it a combined chromate and phosphate of copper and lead. It forms a series with the arsenate mineral fornacite.

  • Mangelia vauquelini

    Mangelia vauquelini

    Mangelia vauquelini is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Mangeliidae.

  • Vauquelinia californica

    Vauquelinia californica

    Vauquelinia californica, commonly known as Arizona rosewood, is an evergreen species of shrub or tree, in the rose family, Rosaceae.

  • Vauquelinia


    Vauquelinia, commonly known as the rosewoods, is a genus of the rose family, Rosaceae. It consists of two species of shrubs found in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. The genus was named for French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauquelin (1763-1829). The nectar provided by these plants is commonly fed on by wasps such as Polistes instabilis .

  • Jean Wauquelin

    Jean Wauquelin

    Jean Wauquelin (active in the 15th century ) was a writer and translator in French, active in Burgundian Hainaut. Wauquelin died on 7 September 1452 in Mons, Hainaut. His date of birth remains unknown.

  • Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good

    Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good

    Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good is a presentation miniature believed to have been painted by the Flemish artist Rogier van der Weyden (or if not actually from his hand then certainly by his workshop to his designs). It decorates the frontispiece to the Chroniques de Hainaut , MS KBR.9242, a translation from Latin into French of a three volume history in of the County of Hainaut by Jean Wauquelin. The Latin text was originally written by the 14th century Franciscan historian Jacques de Guyse.

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