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- Noun

Vastness; immensity.

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  • Vasili Osipanov

    Vasili Stepanovich Osipanov (Осипанов, Василий Степанович in Russian) (2.21(3.5).1861, Tomsk — 5.8(20).1887), Russian revolutionary, member of Narodnaya Volya.

  • Vasili Eroshenko

    Vasili Eroshenko

    Vasili Yakovlevich Eroshenko (Russian: Василий Яковлевич Ерошенко Ukrainian: Василь Якович Єрошенко) (12 January 1890 – 23 December 1952) was a blind, anarchist (ref ?)writer, translator, esperantist, linguist, poet and teacher. He wrote in Esperanto and Japanese.

  • Vasili Spanos

    Vasili George Spanos (born February 25, 1981 in Melrose Park, Illinois, United States) is a former professional baseball third baseman. Spanos played in the Oakland Athletics and Florida Marlins minor league systems from 2003 to 2008. He participated in the 2004 Olympics, as a member of Greece's baseball team.

  • Vasili Azarov

    Vasili Yevgenyevich Azarov (Russian: Василий Евгеньевич Азаров; born 19 August 1992) is a Russian football player.

  • Vasili Altfater

    Vasili Altfater

    Vasili Mikhailovich Altfater (Russian: Альтфатер, Василий Михайлович) (16 December 1883 – April 20, 1919) was a Russian-Soviet naval officer, the first Commander-in-chief of the Soviet Navy.

  • Kasidi

    Kasidi is a settlement in Kenya's Coast Province.

  • Vasili Blagov

    Vasili Blagov

    Vasili Vyacheslavovich Blagov (Russian: Василий Вячеславович Благов; 29 October 1954 − 9 May 2019) was a Russian pair skater who competed for the Soviet Union. With partner Irina Cherniaeva, he represented the Soviet Union at the 1972 Winter Olympics where they placed 6th.

  • Addy Rasidi

    Cradle, born in 1975, is a popular Singaporean guitarist.

  • Vasili Samokhvalov

    Vasili Sergeyevich Samokhvalov (Russian: Василий Сергеевич Самохвалов; born 23 April 1992) is a Russian football player.

  • Vasili Kartsev

    Vasili Mikhailovich Kartsev (Russian: Василий Михайлович Карцев; born 9 April 1920; died 11 April 1987) was a Soviet professional football player and coach.

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