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- Noun

Political servitude; dependence; subjection; slavery; as, the Greeks were held in vassalage by the Turks.

- Noun

Valorous service, such as that performed by a vassal; valor; prowess; courage.

- Noun

The state of being a vassal, or feudatory.

- Noun

Vassals, collectively; vassalry.

- Noun

A territory held in vassalage.

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  • Vassal

    A vassal is a person regarded as having a mutual obligation to a lord or monarch, in the context of the feudal system in medieval Europe. The obligations often included military support by knights in exchange for certain privileges, usually including land held as a tenant or fief. The term is also applied to similar arrangements in other feudal societies. In contrast, fealty (fidelitas) was sworn, unconditional loyalty to a monarch.

  • Al-Andalus

    Reconquista progressed, eventually shrinking to the south and finally to the vassalage of the Emirate of Granada.

  • Principality of Transylvania (1570–1711)

    ; however, the principality often had dual vassalage (Ottoman Turkish sultans and the Habsburg Hungaria

  • County of Portugal

    to the mid-eleventh centuries as a vassalage of the Kingdom of Asturias and later the Kingdoms of Galicia

  • Centule V, Viscount of Béarn

    of Aquitaine, to whom they owed theoretical vassalage. Centule was also Count of Bigorre jure uxoris as Centule I.

  • Naresuan

    from the vassalage of the Taungoo Empire. During his reign, numerous wars were fought against Taungoo Burma. Naresuan also welcomed the Dutch.

  • Pal Dukagjini

    , and the Dukagjini continued to rule over their villages under Venetian vassalage. Pal and Nicholas were part

  • Álvaro XIV of Kongo

    Água Rosada or Álvaro XIV was ruler in Kongo, Africa, from February 1891 to 1896. His father signed the vassalage of Kongo in 1888.

  • Theresa, Countess of Portugal

    vassalage to the Kingdom of León in 1121, although she was allowed to keep her royal title. Her

  • Robe of honour

    or acceptance of vassalage of a subordinate ruler. They were usually produced in government

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