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- Noun

One who vamps; one who pieces an old thing with something new; a cobbler.

- Verb i.

To swagger; to make an ostentatious show.

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    ENS Vapper (PVL-111)

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    The Hanover H.1 Vampyr (known in Germany as the HaWa Vampyr) was a German glider designed by Georg Madelung for the 1921 Rhön gliding competition held at the Wasserkuppe, from 8 August to 25 August 1921. The Vampyr was probably the first heavier than air aircraft to use stressed skin, it has been claimed as the precursor for all modern sailplanes.

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    Der Vampyr (The Vampire) is a Romantic opera in two acts by Heinrich Marschner. The German libretto by Wilhelm August Wohlbrück (Marschner's brother-in-law) is based on the play Der Vampir oder die Totenbraut (1821) by Heinrich Ludwig Ritter, which itself was based on the short story The Vampyre (1819) by John Polidori. The first performance took place on 29 March 1828 in Leipzig, where it was a hit.

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  • Vasper

    Vasper may refer to:

  • Vampyr, ou l'étrange aventure de David Gray

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