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- Noun

One of a school of Judaizing Gnostics in the second century; -- so called from Valentinus, the founder.

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  • Valentinian

    Valentinian was the name of several Roman emperors:

  • Arch of Gratian, Valentinian and Theodosius

    The Arch of Gratian, Valentinian and Theodosius (Latin: Arcus Gratiani, Valentiniani et Theodosii) was a triumphal arch built between 379 and 383 AD in Rome. It was situated at the south end of the Pons Aelius, near to the site later occupied by the church of San Celso. It formed as a monumental entrance arch to the bridge.

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  • Valentinian (play)

    Valentinian is a Jacobean era stage play, a revenge tragedy written by John Fletcher was that originally published in the first Beaumont and Fletcher folio of 1647. The play dramatizes the story of Valentinian III, one of the last of the Roman Emperors, as recorded by the classical historian Procopius. His assassin is based on Magnus Maximus, Valentinian's successor.

  • Valentinian III

    Valentinian III

    Valentinian III (Latin: Flavius Placidius Valentinianus Augustus; 2 July 419 – 16 March 455) was Western Roman Emperor from 425 to 455. His reign was marked by the ongoing collapse of the Western Empire.

  • Valentinian dynasty

    The Valentinian Dynasty or Valentinianic Dynasty, consisting of four emperors, ruled the Western Roman Empire from 364 to 392 and the Eastern Roman Empire from 364 to 378.

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