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- Noun

A conserve made of grapes.

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  • Sabinbi Utate Nassali

    Sabinbi Utate Nassali (born 4 January 1998 in Guinea-Bissau) is a professional footballer and a national of Guinea-Bissau.

  • Urate transporter inhibitor

  • Urate oxidase

    The enzyme urate oxidase (UO), or uricase or factor-independent urate hydroxylase, absent in humans, catalyzes the oxidation of uric acid to 5-hydroxyisourate:

  • FAD-dependent urate hydroxylase

    FAD-dependent urate hydroxylase (EC , HpxO enzyme, FAD-dependent urate oxidase, urate hydroxylase) is an enzyme with systematic name urate,NADH:oxygen oxidoreductase (5-hydroxyisourate forming). A non-homologous isofunctional enzyme (NISE) to HpxO was found, and named HpyO. HpyO was determined to be a typical Michaelian enzyme. These FAD-dependent urate hydroxylases are flavoproteins.

  • Guinn Dipping Vat

    The Guinn Dipping Vat is a historic former cattle dipping facility in Ouachita National Forest, northwest of Mount Ida, Arkansas in the ghost town of Mauldin. It is located south of Forest Road 37 west of United States Route 270. It is a U-shaped concrete structure with a concrete and stone drip pad at one end, and is covered with boards. The vat was built c. 1940 by Mack Guinn to serve the local farm population in its efforts to eradicate Texas tick fever.

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    Thomas Uva and Rosemarie Uva (often misspelled Rosemary or Rose Marie) were married ex-cons from Ozone Park, Queens.

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