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- Noun

A little sac, or bag; a utricle; especially, a part of the membranous labyrinth of the ear. See the Note under Ear.

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  • Prostatic utricle

    The prostatic utricle (Latin for "pouch of the prostate") is a small indentation in the prostatic urethra, at the apex of the urethral crest, on the seminal colliculus (verumontanum), laterally flanked by openings of the ejaculatory ducts. It is also known as the vagina masculina or uterus masculinus or (in older literature) vesicula prostatica.

  • Utricle (ear)

    The utricle and saccule are the two otolith organs in the vertebrate inner ear. They are part of the balancing system (membranous labyrinth) in the vestibule of the bony labyrinth (small oval chamber). They use small stones and a viscous fluid to stimulate hair cells to detect motion and orientation. The utricle detects linear accelerations and head-tilts in the horizontal plane. The word utricle comes from Latin uter, meaning 'leather bag'.

  • Portuguese man o' war

    , along with the Pacific man o' war (or Australian blue bottle), Physalia utriculus. Physalia

  • Amblyseius utriculus

    Amblyseius utriculus is a species of mite in the family Phytoseiidae.

  • Amphilectus utriculus

    Amphilectus utriculus is a species of demosponges found in the Atlantic waters west of Mauritania

  • Macula of utricle

    The macula of the utricle, or utricular macula is the region of the utricle that receives

  • Micropera utriculosa

    Micropera utriculosa is a species of orchid in the genus Micropera first described by Oakes Ames

  • Coleanthus

    Coleanthus is a genus of Eurasian and North American plants in the grass family. The only known species is Coleanthus subtilis. It has a scattered distribution, found on lakeshores, streambanks, and other wet places in central Europe (France, Germany, Czech Rep; extinct in Norway + Italy), Asia (Western Siberia, Khabarovsk, eastern China), and northwestern North America (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia).

  • Hohenbergia utriculosa

    Hohenbergia utriculosa is a plant species in the genus Hohenbergia. This species is native to Brazil.

  • Hygroplasta utricula

    Hygroplasta utricula is a moth in the family Lecithoceridae. It was described by Chun-Sheng Wu

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