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- Noun

An Utopian; an optimist.

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  • Technological utopianism

    Technological utopianism (often called techno-utopianism or technoutopianism) is any ideology based

  • Agrarianism

    Agrarianism is a social philosophy or political philosophy which values rural society as superior to urban society and the independent farmer as superior to the paid worker, and sees farming as a way of life that can shape the ideal social values. It stresses the superiority of a simpler rural life as opposed to the complexity of city life.

  • Utopia

    A utopia ( yoo-TOH-pee-ə) is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. The opposite of a utopia is a dystopia. Utopia focuses on equality in economics, government and justice, though by no means exclusively, with the method and structure of proposed implementation varying based on ideology. According to Lyman Tower Sargent, Sargent argues that utopia's nature is inherently contradictory, because societies are not homogenous and have desires which conflict and therefore cannot simultaneously be satisfied.

  • Utopians


  • Thomas Pennington Lucas

    , was a Scottish-born Australian medical practitioner, naturalist, author, philosopher and utopianist.

  • Cyber-utopianism

    Cyber-utopianism – the belief that online communication is in itself emancipatory

  • Andrew Marantz

    Extremists, Techno-Utopians and the Hijacking of the American Conversation, and is a staff writer for the The New Yorker magazine.

  • Utopians (film)

    Utopians (Chinese: 同流合烏; pinyin: Tung lau hap woo) is a 2015 film by the Hong Kong film-maker Scud

  • John Adolphus Etzler

    John Adolphus Etzler (1791-1846?) was a German-born American technological utopianist. Along

  • Utopian Studies

    and utopianism. The journal is published twice a year by the Penn State University Press on behalf

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