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- Noun

The urinary bladder.

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  • Urocystis


    Urocystis is a genus of smut fungi containing plant pathogens, which infect grass species and other plants.

  • Urocystales


    Urocystales is an order of Basidiomycete fungi.

  • Urocystis occulta

    Urocystis occulta is a smut fungus which attacks the leaves and stalks of rye (Secale cereale). It is found in Australia, Europe, and North America. The fungus was first described by German botanist Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Wallroth under the name Erysiphe occulta in 1833.

  • Urocystis agropyri

    Urocystis agropyri

    Urocystis agropyri is a fungal plant pathogen that causes flag smut on wheat.

  • Urocystis brassicae

    Urocystis brassicae is a plant pathogen. It is known to create root galls on Indian Mustard (Brassica campestris ) and other Brassica species.

  • Artūras Rocys

    Artūras Rocys (born 7 October 1994 in Lithuania) is a professional footballer and a national of Lithuania.

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