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- Verb

To free from perversion; to deliver from being perverted; to reconvert.

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  • Hilarios Karl-Heinz Ungerer

    Hilarios Karl-Heinz Ungerer (born 1941 in Nuremberg) is a bishop of the Free Catholic Church in Munich, a small Independent Catholic denomination. Ungerer, with Bishop Roberto Garrido Padin, ordained Bishop Rómulo Antonio Braschi in 1998, who ordained a group of women known as the Danube Seven in 2002.

  • Unterer Wehrbach

    Unterer Wehrbach is of small river in the Englischer Garten, a public park in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It branches off the Oberstjägermeisterbach and flows into the Isar.

  • Joe Ungerer

    Joseph C. Ungerer (December 10, 1916 – July 15, 1990) was an American football tackle in the National Football League (NFL) for the Washington Redskins. He played college football at Fordham University and was drafted in the 20th round of the 1941 NFL Draft by the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  • Delitzsch unterer Bahnhof

    Delitzsch unterer Bahnhof

    Delitzsch unterer Bahnhof (lower station) (abbreviated as Delitzsch unt Bf) is one of two railway stations in the town of Delitzsch in the German state of Saxony. It has an average of 2,500 to 5,000 passengers per day.

  • Sigurd Njerve

    Sigurd Njerve (born 12 September 1971) is a former Norwegian triple jumper. He represented IL Norna-Salhus.

  • Unsere Heimat

    Unsere Heimat (Eng: Our Homeland) was a popular song in the German Democratic Republic, where it was sung by the Ernst Thälmann Pioneer Organisation. The lyrics were written by Herbert Keller and the melody by Hans Naumilkat. The song demonstrates strong bonds with nature, expressing the significance of a sense of homeland (heimat) beyond people.

  • Jacob Ungerer

    Jacob Ungerer

    Jacob Ungerer (13 June 1840 – 27 April 1920) was a German sculptor and Professor of Fine Arts.

  • Unsere zeit

    Unsere zeit

    unsere zeit (or UZ) is a newspaper published by the German Communist Party, or DKP. The paper's full name is unsere zeit: Sozialistische Wochenzeitung. This translates to our time: Socialist Weekly Newspaper.

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