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- Verb

To countermand an order for.

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    Unordered map can refer to:

  • Unordered associative containers (C++)

    In the programming language C++, unordered associative containers are a group of class templates in the C++ Standard Library that implement hash table variants. Being templates, they can be used to store arbitrary elements, such as integers or custom classes. The following containers are defined in the current revision of the C++ standard: unordered_set, unordered_map, unordered_multiset, unordered_multimap. Each of these containers differ only on constraints placed on their elements.

  • Enforce In-order Execution of I/O

    Enforce In-order Execution of I/O, or EIEIO, is a machine code instruction used on the PowerPC computer processor which prevents one memory or I/O operation from starting until the previous memory or I/O operation completed. This instruction is needed as I/O controllers on the system bus require that accesses follow a particular order, while the CPU reorders accesses to optimize memory bandwidth usage.

  • Enforce In-Order Execution of I/O

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