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- Verb

To make unlike; to dissimilate.

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  • Land of Unlikeness

    Land of Unlikeness

    Land of Unlikeness, Robert Lowell's first book of poetry, was published in 1944 in a limited edition of two hundred and fifty copies by Harry Duncan at the Cummington Press. The poems were all metered, often rhymed, and very much informed by Lowell's recent conversion to Catholicism.

  • The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America

  • Lester the Unlikely

    Lester the Unlikely

    Lester the Unlikely is a 1993 platform video game developed by Visual Concepts for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

  • Unlikely Brothers

    Unlikely Brothers

    Unlikely Brothers: Our Story of Adventure, Loss and Redemption is co-authored by human rights activist and Co-Founder of the Enough Project, John Prendergast and his "Little Brother", Michael Mattocks.

  • The Unlikely Spy

    The Unlikely Spy

    The Unlikely Spy is a 1996 spy novel written by Daniel Silva, set during World War II.

  • Susan Boyle: An Unlikely Superstar

    Susan Boyle: An Unlikely Superstar

    Susan Boyle: An Unlikely Superstar is a documentary made in 2011 by filmmaker Osca Humphreys and produced by Firecracker Films for UK network ITV. The documentary was distributed internationally by Zodiak Rights.

  • Medically Unlikely Edit

    A Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE) is a US Medicare unit of service claim edit applied to Medical claims against a procedure code for medical services rendered by one provider/supplier to one patient on one day. Claim edits compare different values on medical claim to a set of defined criteria to check for irregularities, often in an automated claims processing system. MUE are designed to limit fraud and/or coding errors. They represent an upper limit that unquestionably requires further documentation to support. The ideal MUE is the maximum unit of service for a code on the majority of medical claims. MUE is part of the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) to address coding methodologies. The NCCI policies are based on coding conventions by nationally recognized organizations and are updated annually or quarterly.

  • List of unlicensed and prototype Neo Geo games

    These are a series of Neo Geo's special lists of games, which includes a list of: unlicensed (official Neo Geo games that were published without permission of SNK ), prototyped (a series of games for the Neo Geo made from famous companies that were not fully realized), and homebrewed titles (i.e. those games that are created over the years 2000 from independent developers and companies). Every list is sortable by title, developer, publisher (not included in subparagraph of Homebrewed titles "Not published") and release year. All the games (with the exception of three homebrewed titles) were published both for "MVS " and "AES " systems. The prototype and homebrew titles released for the Neo Geo CD platform can be found in the corresponding article.

  • The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow

    The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow

    The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow is a 2002 book written and illustrated by A. J. MacKinnon about the author's 1997 journey from North Shropshire to the Black Sea in a small Mirror dinghy.

  • Tetris (Tengen unlicensed)

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