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- Verb

To undo or unravel what is knitted together.

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  • Unknot


    In the mathematical theory of knots, the unknot, or trivial knot, is the least knotted of all knots. Intuitively, the unknot is a closed loop of rope without a knot tied into it. To a knot theorist, an unknot is any embedded topological circle in the 3-sphere that is ambient isotopic (that is, deformable) to a geometrically round circle, the standard unknot.

  • Stuck unknot

    In mathematics, a stuck unknot is a closed polygonal chain that is topologically equal to the unknot but cannot be deformed to a simple polygon by rigid motions of the segments. Similarly a stuck open chain is an open polygonal chain such that the segments may not be aligned by moving rigidly its segments. Topologically such a chain can be unknotted, but the limitation of using only rigid motions of the segments can create nontrivial knots in such a chain.

  • Divya Unni

    Divya Unni is an Indian classical dancer who teaches various forms of dance such as Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattom. She is also an actress who has appeared in over 50 films predominantly in Malayalam.

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