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- Noun

One who denies the doctrine of the Trinity, believing that God exists only in one person; a unipersonalist; also, one of a denomination of Christians holding this belief.

- Noun

One who rejects the principle of dualism.

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  • Unitarian

    Unitarian or Unitarianism may refer to:

  • South Unitarian Church

    South Unitarian Church

    The South Unitarian Church is an historic church building at 888 Main Street in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts. The Romanesque Revival building was designed by Earle & Fisher and was built by the Norcross Brothers in 1894 for the South Unitarian Society, established in 1890. The building is made of sandstone blocks, laid in courses alternating in width. The front (eastern) facade features a high pitched gable, with two rows of three windows, then a pair of windows topped by a large half-round window To the right is the church entrance, a smaller projecting gable section with a doorway recessed in a round archway, topped by three smaller windows. To the rear behind the entrance is a square tower with a partial half-round side tower.

  • George Harris (Unitarian)

    George Harris (15 May 1794 – 24 December 1859) was a British Unitarian minister, polemicist and editor.

  • First Unitarian Church of Portland

    First Unitarian Church of Portland

    The First Unitarian Church of Portland is a church building located in downtown Portland, Oregon, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located on S.W. 12th Avenue at Salmon Street, it was constructed and opened in 1924.

  • Shrewsbury Unitarian Church

    Shrewsbury Unitarian Church

    Shrewsbury Unitarian Church is a Grade II listed building situated on the High Street in Shrewsbury, England. The meeting house was founded in its present site in 1662 by the Revd Francis Tallents and the Revd James Bryan, two dissenters ejected from their living at St Chad's Church, Shrewsbury. It was destroyed by a mob of Jacobite supporters in 1715 but rebuilt the same year.

  • John Trevor (Unitarian minister)

    John Trevor (1855–1930) was an English Unitarian minister who formed The Labour Church.

  • First Unitarian Church (Somerville, Massachusetts)

    First Unitarian Church (Somerville, Massachusetts)

    The First Unitarian Church is a historic church building at 130 Highland Avenue in Somerville, Massachusetts. The stone church was built in the 1894, for a Unitarian Church congregation. It was designed by Hartwell, Richardson and Driver, and is a good example of Richardsonian Romanesque design. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. As of 1975 the building houses the Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Thomas Collier (Unitarian)

    Thomas Collier (c. 1615 – c. 1691) was an English General Baptist preacher and Arian polemicist.

  • University Unitarian Church

    University Unitarian Church

    University Unitarian Church was designed by Seattle architect Paul Hayden Kirk in 1959. The church is located in the Wedgwood, Seattle neighborhood at the corner of 35th Avenue NE and 68th Street. The building is approximately a mile and half Northeast of the University of Washington Campus and sits across from the Northeast Branch of the Seattle Public Library. It was designed during the time when architect Kirk was working as a sole practitioner.

  • William Manning (Unitarian)

    William Manning (1630?–1711) was an English ejected minister and Unitarian writer.

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