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- Verb

To strip of glass; to remove the glazing, or glass, from, as a window.

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  • In-glaze decoration

    In-glaze is a method of decorating ceramic articles, where the decoration is applied on the surface of the glaze before the glost firing so that it matures simultaneously with the glaze.

  • On-glaze decoration

    On-glaze decoration

    Overglaze decoration, overglaze enamelling or on-glaze decoration is a method of decorating pottery, most often porcelain, where the coloured decoration is applied on top of the already fired and glazed surface, and then fixed in a second firing at a relatively low temperature, often in a muffle kiln. It is often described as producing "enamelled" decoration. The colours fuse on to the glaze, so the decoration becomes durable. This decorative firing is usually done at a lower temperature which allows for a more varied and vidid palette of colours, using pigments which will not colour correctly at the high temperature necessary to fire the porcelain body. Historically, a relatively narrow range of colours could be achieved with underglaze decoration, where the coloured pattern is applied before glazing, notably the cobalt blue of blue and white porcelain.

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