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- Noun

A subordinate officer.

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  • Under officer

    Under officer is an appointment held by the most senior cadets at some Commonwealth officer training establishments and in University Officers' Training Corps in the United Kingdom, and also a rank used in some Commonwealth cadet forces.

  • Garde du Corps

    Corps of cuirassiers * Underofficer of the Prussian Gardes du Corps of cuirassiers * Officer

  • Swedish Army Company Officer School

    underofficersskola, AUS). From 1926 to 1972, it trained active non-commissioned officers in the Swedish

  • Berga Naval Training Schools

    Berga Naval Training Schools (Swedish: Berga örlogsskolor, BÖS) was a military branch school for the Swedish Fleet within the Swedish Navy, which operated in various forms from 1946 to 1997. The staff was located at Berga Naval Base in Haninge Garrison in Berga, Haninge Municipality.

  • Battalion (Sweden)

    -commissioned officers (underofficers) marched beside and behind to prevent desertion, and to replace

  • Unter (playing card)

    (Unterofficier), while the pip cards represented the common soldier. * * *

  • Feldunterarzt

    the double unterofficer galloons. The Gothic letter A between the two silver felwebel stars indicated

  • Ober (playing card)

    the military ranks of general, officer (Oberofficier) and sergeant (Unterofficier), while the pip cards represented the common soldier.

  • Erich Mix

    , as an Unteroffizer from June 1918 until the end of the war, he scored three aerial victories (and one unconfirmed

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