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- Verb

To keep under, or in subjection; to suppress.

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  • Andere Legina

    Andere Legina García (born 17 March 1989) is a Spanish football goalkeeper who plays for Athletic Bilbao in Spain's Primera División as Ainhoa Tirapu's reserve.

  • Unsere Heimat

    Unsere Heimat (Eng: Our Homeland) was a popular song in the German Democratic Republic, where it was sung by the Ernst Thälmann Pioneer Organisation. The lyrics were written by Herbert Keller and the melody by Hans Naumilkat. The song demonstrates strong bonds with nature, expressing the significance of a sense of homeland (heimat) beyond people.

  • Unsere zeit

    Unsere zeit

    unsere zeit (or UZ) is a newspaper published by the German Communist Party, or DKP. The paper's full name is unsere zeit: Sozialistische Wochenzeitung. This translates to our time: Socialist Weekly Newspaper.

  • Vom Bäumlein, das andere Blätter hat gewollt

    Vom Bäumlein, das andere Blätter hat gewollt ("Of the little tree which wished for different leaves") is a short anti-Semitic propaganda cartoon produced in 1940 in the Nazi movie studio Zeichenfilm GmbH.

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    Unsere Rettung

    "Unsere Rettung" (German for "Our salvation") is the second single from German industrial metal group Oomph! from their album Unrein . Includes a shortened radio and an album version of Unsere Rettung, as well as two B-sides: This Time and an instrumental composition Monolith.

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    Untere Bära is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is a headstream of the Bära.

  • Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

  • Untere Steinach

    Untere Steinach

    The Untere Steinach (or Lower Steinach, in its upper course: Rehbach) is a river in Bavaria, Germany. It flows into the Schorgast in Untersteinach.

  • Gesetz über Groß-Hamburg und andere Gebietsbereinigungen

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