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- Verb

To release from cords; to loosen the cord or cords of; to unfasten or unbind; as, to uncord a package.

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  • Uncork (horse)

    Uncork is a racing horse owned by Michael J. Gill. She was bred by Adele B. Dilschneider and sired by Unbridled with Lovat's Lady as the dam.

  • Un-word of the year (Germany)

  • Un-word of the year

    The Un-word or Non-word of the year (German: Unwort des Jahres) refers to an annual action, in which a German linguists' panel chooses one new or recently popularized term that violates human rights or infringes upon Democratic principles. The term may be one that discriminates against societal groups or may be euphemistic, disguising or misleading. The term is usually, but not always a German term. The term is chosen from suggestions sent in by the public. The choice of the word does not depend on how many times it was suggested/ sent in, but reflects the judgement of the panel. The core of the panel consists of 4 linguists and one journalist. The un-word of the previous year is announced annually in January.

  • Uncore

    "Uncore" is a term used by Intel to describe the functions of a microprocessor that are not in the core, but which must be closely connected to the core to achieve high performance. It has been called "system agent" since the release of the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. The core contains the components of the processor involved in executing instructions, including the ALU, FPU, L1 and L2 cache. Uncore functions include QPI controllers, L3 cache, snoop agent pipeline, on-die memory controller, and Thunderbolt controller. Other bus controllers such as SPI and LPC are part of the chipset.

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    Unconditional love is a concept relating to love.

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    Uncorked is a Hallmark Channel television film starring Julie Benz that premiered on July 28, 2009 in the United Kingdom and aired in the United States on March 6, 2010.

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