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- Verb i.

To thaw; to become liquid again.

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  • Empress Elisabeth of Austria

    uncongenial. Early in the marriage she was at odds with her mother-in-law, Archduchess Sophie, who

  • Ronald Ian Cheffins

    in 1987 to return to legal and scholarly practice after finding judicial work too "uncongenial". In 1991

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    of the "English Musical Renaissance"; after 1945 he found the less nationalistic, more cosmopolitan nature of post-war composers uncongenial.

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    , which he did not enter, but for some years was obliged to follow a business which was uncongenial to his

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    into the Grenadier Guards in 1892. Finding soldiering uncongenial, he joined the Reserves and travelled

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    from his father to enter banking as a career, a prospect he found uncongenial, escaped to Leipzig in 1859.

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    medicine for three years at Buckingham, but, finding the pursuit uncongenial, entered at Wadham

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