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- Noun

The unciform bone. See Illust. of Perissodactyla.

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  • Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act

    The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act is a model act drafted and approved by the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) to create standards for authenticating and preserving digital legal documents, such as official statutes, codes, regulations and decisions. The model act was approved by the ULC in July 2011. Twelve states have since passed legislation based on the model act:

  • Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation

    The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (a.k.a. the McGill Guide ), establishes the legal citation standard in Canada. It is published by the McGill Law Journal of the McGill University Faculty of Law and is used by law students and lawyers throughout Canada. The book is bilingual, one half being in English and the other in French (Manuel canadien de la référence juridique ). Its 8th edition was published in 2014.

  • Uniform Combined State Law Exam

    The Uniform Combined State Law Examination also called the Series 66 exam is designed to qualify candidates as both securities agents and investment adviser representatives in the United States. It was developed by North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and operated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

  • Uniform 9-polytope

    In nine-dimensional geometry, a nine-dimensional polytope or 9-polytope is a polytope contained by 8-polytope facets. Each 7-polytope ridge being shared by exactly two 8-polytope facets.

  • Chondritic uniform reservoir

    The CHondritic Uniform Reservoir or CHUR is a scientific model in astrophysics and geochemistry for the mean chemical composition of the part of the Solar Nebula from which, during the formation of the Solar System, chondrites formed. This hypothetical chemical reservoir is thought to have been similar in composition to the current photosphere of the Sun.

  • Uniform Principal and Income Act

    The Uniform Principal and Income Act (UPAIA) is one of the uniform acts that have been promulgated in an attempt to harmonize the law in all fifty U.S. states. The Act was completed by the Commissioners on Uniform State Laws in 1997, and amended in 2000.

  • Circular uniform distribution

    In probability theory and directional statistics, a circular uniform distribution is a probability distribution on the unit circle whose density is uniform for all angles.

  • Paracompact uniform honeycombs

    In geometry, uniform honeycombs in hyperbolic space are tessellations of convex uniform polyhedron cells. In 3-dimensional hyperbolic space there are 23 Coxeter group families of paracompact uniform honeycombs, generated as Wythoff constructions, and represented by ring permutations of the Coxeter diagrams for each family. These families can produce uniform honeycombs with infinite or unbounded facets or vertex figure, including ideal vertices at infinity, similar to the hyperbolic uniform tilings in 2-dimensions.

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