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- Verb

To take from, or set free from, a cart; to unload.

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  • The Age of Uncertainty

    The Age of Uncertainty

    The Age of Uncertainty is a 1977 book and television series, co-produced by the BBC, CBC, KCET and OECA, and written and presented by Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith.

  • Uncertainty principle (disambiguation)

    Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is a fundamental concept in quantum physics.

  • Uncharted Territory

    Generally, uncharted territory is territory not found on nautical charts. Uncharted Territory may refer to:

  • In an Uncertain World

    In an Uncertain World is the 17th episode of the dramatic documentary television series Canada: A People's History .

  • Uncertain (album)

    Uncertain (album)

    Uncertain is the first EP of the Irish band The Cranberries, produced by Pearse Gilmore, it was released in the autumn of 1991, having previously released cassette EPs under the name The Cranberry Saw Us. Uncertain was released by Xeric Records on both CD and 12" vinyl formats. Approximately 5,000 total copies of "Uncertain" were ever produced. The Cranberries debut EP did not chart.

  • Unearthly (manga)

    Unearthly is an shōjo Original English-language manga series written by Ted Naifeh, with art by Elmer Damaso and is published by Seven Seas Entertainment.

  • Unearthed (Crimson Thorn album)

    Unearthed (Crimson Thorn album)

    Unearthed is the first full-length album by Crimson Thorn.

  • Uncertain glory (book)

    Uncertain Glory (in Catalan Incerta glòria) is a novel from the Catalan-language writer and editor Joan Sales, first published in September 1956 and extended in successive subsequent editions until the final edition in 1971. However, this latter extension was titled Últimes notícies ("Latest news"), although in later editions it was presented as an independent novel titled El vent de la nit ("The wind of the night"). Written by a witness of the defeated side, it contains no political message neither leaves an easy partisan exaltation. It reflects a pain that survives any propaganda from two factions: both the novel and poetry squires of the Falange as communist or republican writers

  • The Uncertainty Principle (Doctor Who audio)

    The Uncertainty Principle is a Big Finish Productions audiobook based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who .

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