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- Verb

To reduce from the rank of a canonized saint.

- Verb

To deprive of canonical authority.

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  • Uncanny X-Men (band)

    Uncanny X-Men are an Australian pop/rock band which formed in Melbourne in 1981, and temporarily disbanded in 1987. They are fronted by lead singer Brian Mannix and originally included Chuck Hargreaves on guitar, Steve Harrison on bass guitar, Nick Matandos on drums and Ron Thiessen on guitar. John Kirk replaced Harrison and Craig Waugh replaced Matandos by 1984.

  • Ju-Rei: The Uncanny

    Ju-Rei: The Uncanny (呪霊 劇場版 黒呪霊) is a 2004 J-Horror film directed by Kōji Shiraishi.

  • Uncanny Banquet

    Uncanny Banquet: Great Tales of the Supernatural is an anthology of reprinted horror stories edited by Ramsey Campbell and published by Little, Brown in 1992. The editor's intention, expressed in the introduction, was to "collect a range of stories as remarkable as the accredited classics of the field but less well known". The book contains the first reprinting of the novel The Hole of the Pit – "one of the first masterpieces of the novel of supernatural terror", according to Campbell – since its original publication in 1914.

  • The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans

    The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans

    The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans is a crossover comic book published by Marvel Comics which features two teams of superheroes, Marvel's the X-Men and DC Comics' the New Teen Titans

  • Uncanny Stories (magazine)

    Uncanny Stories was a pulp magazine which published a single issue, dated April 1941. It was published by Abraham and Martin Goodman, who were better known for "weird-menace" pulp magazines that included much more sex in the fiction than was usual in science fiction of that era. The Goodmans published Marvel Science Stories from 1938 to 1941, and Uncanny Stories appeared just as Marvel Science Stories ceased publication, perhaps in order to use up the material in inventory acquired by Marvel Science Stories. The fiction was poor quality; the lead story, Ray Cummings' "Coming of the Giant Germs", has been described as "one of his most appalling stories".

  • Uncanny Alliance

    Uncanny Alliance was an American house music duo. They consisted of the producer, Brinsley Evans, and the female vocalist E.V. Mystique, who were both from New York.

  • Uncanny Tales

    Uncanny Tales may refer to one of the following publications:

  • Uncanny Tales (Canadian pulp magazine)

    Uncanny Tales was a Canadian science fiction pulp magazine edited by Melvin R. Colby that ran from November 1940 to September 1943. It was created in response to the wartime reduction of imports on British and American science-fiction pulp magazines. Initially it contained stories only from Canadian authors, with much of its contents supplied by Thomas P. Kelley, but within a few issues Colby began to obtain reprint rights to American stories from Donald A. Wollheim and Sam Moskowitz. Paper shortages eventually forced the magazine to shut down, and it is now extremely rare.

  • Uncanny Tales (Sheckley)

    Uncanny Tales is a collection of science fiction short stories by Robert Sheckley. It was first published in 2003 and includes an introduction and the following stories:

  • Uncanny Valley (album)

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