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- Noun

A genus of trees including the elm.

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  • Ulmus

  • Ulmus parvifolia 'Zettler' = Heritage

    The Chinese Elm cultivar Ulmus parvifolia 'Zettler' (selling name Heritage™) is one of three recent (< 2006) American introductions selected for their cold hardiness (USA zone 4 tolerant).

  • Ulmus 'Klemmer Blanc'

    The elm cultivar Ulmus 'Klemmer Blanc' was described by Feneau in Bulletin de la Société centrale forestière de Belgique (1902) as an intermediate between 'Klemmer' and 'Belgica', the Belgian Elm.

  • Ulmus 'Sericea'

    The elm cultivar Ulmus 'Sericea' was first listed by Lavallée in Arboretum Segrezianum 236, 1877 , as Ulmus campestris var. sericea, but without description. Deemed "possibly U. carpinifolia" (:minor) by Green

  • Ulmus parvifolia 'Yatsubusa'

    Ulmus parvifolia 'Yatsubusa'

    The Chinese Elm cultivar Ulmus parvifolia 'Yatsubusa' is a dwarf variety.

  • Ulmus davidiana var. japonica 'Discovery'

    The Japanese Elm cultivar Ulmus davidiana var. japonica 'Discovery' is a cold-resistant selection from Canada, raised along with 'Freedom' in the 1980s by Dr Wilbert Ronald, of Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. and Rick Durrand of Shade Consulting Services, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

  • Ulmus americana 'Augustine'

    The American Elm cultivar Ulmus americana 'Augustine' was originally selected in Bloomington, Illinois, in 1927.

  • Ulmus laevis 'Urticifolia'

    The European White Elm cultivar Ulmus laevis 'Urticifolia' known as the Nettle Leaved Elm was raised by Jacques as a chance seedling in 1830, and propagated by grafting. It was later mentioned by de Vries in 1906.

  • Ulmus americana 'Miller Park'

    The American Elm cultivar Ulmus americana 'Miller Park' is a selection made by the University of Minnesota. Originally identified as MNT-0365, it was cloned from an old elm surviving in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 'Miller Park' is currently (2016) being researched but no data have yet been published. The tree is named for the eponymous park in Eden Prairie, in the environs of Minneapolis.

  • Ulmus changii

    Ulmus changii

    Ulmus changii W. C. Cheng, occasionally known as the Hangzhou elm, is a small deciduous tree found across much of China in forests at elevations of up to 1800 m. Owing to its increasing scarcity, U. changii was added to the Hainan Province Protected Plants List in 2006.

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