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- Noun

An imitation, especially in the way of caricature.

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  • Takeoff!

    Takeoff! is a novel by Randall Garrett published in 1980.

  • Takeoff


    Takeoff is the phase of flight in which an aerospace vehicle goes from the ground to flying in the air.

  • Constant torque on take-off

    Constant torque on take-off (CTOT) assists a pilot in setting takeoff power by electronically adjusting fuel to maintain a pre-selected torque. Power levers can override the CTOT system and add additional fuel. The CTOT system will come on when the power levers are above the 60 degree switch and the CTOT switch is on. Switch position: OFF, ON, APR (automatic power reserve)

  • Flight 360: The Takeoff

    Flight 360: The Takeoff

  • Minimum Interval Takeoff

    A minimum interval takeoff (MITO) is a technique of the United States Air Force for scrambling all available bomber and tanker aircraft at twelve- and fifteen-second intervals, respectively. Before takeoff, the aircraft perform an elephant walk to the runway. It is designed to maximize the number of aircraft launched in the least amount of time possible before the base suffers a nuclear strike, which would obliterate all remaining aircraft.

  • Engine failure on take-off

    Engine failure on take-off (EFTO) is a situation, when flying an aircraft, where an engine has failed, or is not delivering sufficient power, at any time between brake release and the wheels leaving the ground / V2. The phases of flight are de-lineated to allow simplified standard procedures for different aircraft types to be developed. If an aircraft suffered engine failure on takeoff, the standard procedure for most aircraft would be to abort the takeoff.

  • Takeoff (film)

    Takeoff (film)

    Take-Off (Russian: Взлёт, romanized: Vzlyot) is a 1979 Soviet biopic about the Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, directed by Savva Kulish and based on a screenplay by Oleg Osetinsky.

  • Take-off (Vivid song)

    Take-off (Vivid song)

    "Take-off" is the debut single released by the Japanese band Vivid. A document music video was made for the title song and is available on the limited B CD+DVD edition of their major debut (and fifth overall) single ""Yume": Mugen no Kanata" along with a live performance of the title track taped at Shibuya-AX on August 8, 2010. The single reached number 3 on the indies Oricon weekly charts and number 63 on the overall chart where it charted for a week. It has sold 1,319 copies.

  • Skitter on Take-Off

    Skitter on Take-Off is the final album by Vic Chesnutt, his first on Vapor Records. A different version of "Sewing Machine" was originally included on brute's 1995 release Nine High a Pallet (brute consisted of Vic Chesnutt backed up by the members of Widespread Panic).

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