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- Noun

A strip of plaster of the thickness proposed for the coat, applied to the wall at intervals of four or five feet, as a guide.

- Noun

A wooden straightedge used to lay across the plaster screed, as a limit for the thickness of the coat.

- Noun

A breach or rent; a breaking forth into a loud, shrill sound; as, martial screeds.

- Noun

An harangue; a long tirade on any subject.

- Noun

A fragment; a portion; a shred.

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  • Screed

    Screed has three meanings in building construction:

  • Power concrete screed

    Power concrete screeds can be used in place of a man powered screed bar to strike off excess concrete. Concrete is poured from a wet mix of cement, sand, aggregate and water. Prior to the mix drying, the concrete should be smoothed out on the desired surface. A power screed assists in the smoothing out process by leveling out and/or vibrating the wet mixture. There are friction screeds or "roller" screeds that level the concrete which can be powered by gas, electricity or hydraulics. The compaction performance of the power concrete screed is mainly determined by the centrifugal force of the vibration force and only to a minor extent by the static weight.

  • Magnesite screed

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    Screed may refer to:

  • Free floating screed

    The free floating screed is a device pioneered in the 1930s that revolutionized the asphalt paving process. The device is designed to flatten the material (e.g. concrete or asphalt ) below it, which is also known as screed.

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