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- Noun

A member of a religious sect founded by Kaspar von Schwenkfeld, a Silesian reformer who disagreed with Luther, especially on the deification of the body of Christ.

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  • Society of the Descendants of the Schwenkfeldian Exiles

    The Society of the Descendants of the Schwenkfeldian Exiles is a lineage society with membership open to descendants of the 209 members of the Schwenkfelder Church who arrived near Penn's Landing between 1731 and 1737 and settled in Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1921 by William Wagener Porter and had an initial membership of 125 individuals.

  • Schwenckfeldina archoica

    Schwenckfeldina archoica is an extinct species of dark winged fungus gnat in the family Sciaridae known from a solitary Late Oligocene to Early Miocene fossil found in Mexico. S. archoica is the only species in the genus Schwenckfeldina to have been described from fossils found in Mexican amber.

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