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- Noun

A maker of scholia; a commentator or annotator.

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  • Scholia

    who writes scholia is a scholiast. The earliest attested use of the word dates to the 1st century BC.

  • Saint Fiacc

    Saint Fiacc (c. 415-520) was a poet, the chief bishop of Leinster, and founder of two churches.

  • Helenius Acron

    Helenius Acron (or Acro) was a Roman commentator and grammarian, probably of the 3rd century AD, but whose precise date is not known. Helenius Acron is known to have written on Terence (Adelphi and Eunuchus at least) and Horace. These commentaries on Horace are now lost but are referred to by the grammarian Charisius. There is some evidence for a commentary on Persius. Fragments of Acron's writing may also appear in Pomponius Porphyrion.

  • Bobbio Scholiast

    The Bobbio Scholiast (commonly abbreviated schol. Bob.) was an anonymous scholiast working

  • Per Scholas

    Per Scholas is a United States nonprofit that provides tuition-free technology training

  • Schorgast

    Schorgast is a river of Bavaria, Germany. It flows into the White Main east of Kulmbach.

  • Koserbach

    Koserbach (in its upper course: Gro├čer Koserbach) (also: Koser) is a river of Bavaria, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Schorgast in Wirsberg.

  • Compsolechia nuptella

    Compsolechia nuptella is a moth of the family Gelechiidae. It was described by Cajetan Felder, Rudolf Felder and Alois Friedrich Rogenhofer in 1875. It is found in Peru and Amazonas, Brazil. The wingspan is about 14 mm. The forewings are dark grey, posteriorly purple tinged and with a black subcostal streak from the base to one-fourth, terminated by a suffused white spot. There is an indistinct dark fuscous streak from the dorsum near the base to the disc at one-third, some whitish suffusion about the fold beyond this. A blackish elongate blotch is found on the middle of the costa, where an oblique blackish streak runs to and surrounds a white mark in the disc at three-fifths. There is also a blackish streak along the posterior half of the fold, preceded by a small spot of white suffusion,

  • Schoolies


  • Scolica enchiriadis

    Scolica enchiriadis is an anonymous ninth-century music theory treatise and commentary on its companion work, the Musica enchiriadis. These treatises were once attributed to Hucbald, but this is no longer accepted. The scale used in the work, which is based on a system of tetrachords, appears to have been created solely for use in the work itself rather than taken from actual musical practice. The treatise also uses a very rare system of notation, known as Daseian notation. This notation has a number of figures which are rotated ninety degrees to represent different pitches.

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