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- Noun

A scaffold; a supporting framework; as, the scaffolding of the body.

- Noun

Materials for building scaffolds.

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  • Scaffolding

    Scaffolding, also called scaffold or staging, is a temporary structure used to support a work crew

  • Instructional scaffolding

    Instructional scaffolding is the support given to a student by an instructor throughout

  • Admiralty scaffolding

    Admiralty scaffolding, also known as Obstacle Z.1 or sometimes simply given as beach scaffolding

  • Tube and clamp scaffold

    to stabilize the scaffold. Tube and clamp is among the most labor-intensive of all scaffolding types.

  • Nano-scaffold

    Nano-scaffolding (or nanoscaffolding) is a medical process used to regrow tissue and bone

  • Chiral pool synthesis

    Chiral pool synthesis is a strategy that aims to improve the efficiency of enantioselective synthesis. It starts the organic synthesis of a complex enantiopure chemical compound from a stock of readily available enantiopure substances. Common chiral starting materials include monosaccharides and amino acids. The built-in chirality is then preserved in the remainder of the reaction sequence. General methods used in chiral pool synthesis are the use of protecting groups, and functional group interconversion (FGI).

  • Scaffold protein

    In biology, scaffold proteins are crucial regulators of many key signalling pathways. Although scaffolds are not strictly defined in function, they are known to interact and/or bind with multiple members of a signalling pathway, tethering them into complexes. In such pathways, they regulate signal transduction and help localize pathway components (organized in complexes) to specific areas of the cell such as the plasma membrane, the cytoplasm, the nucleus, the Golgi, endosomes, and the mitochondria.

  • Manila Film Center

    The Manila Film Center is a national building located at the southwest end of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Pasay, Philippines. The structure was designed by architect Froilan Hong where its edifice is supported on more than nine hundred piles which reaches to the bed-rock about 120 feet below.

  • Distributed scaffolding

    Distributed scaffolding is a concept developed by Puntambekar and Kolodner (1998) that describes

  • Scaffolding (film)

    Scaffolding is a 2017 Israeli thriller film directed by . It was nominated for the Ophir Award for Best Film.

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