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- Noun

A genus of exogenous polypetalous plants, embracing about one hundred and eighty species. See Saxifrage.

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  • Saxifraga


    Saxifraga is the largest genus in the family Saxifragaceae, containing about 440 species of holarctic perennial plants, known as saxifrages or rockfoils. The Latin word saxifraga means literally "stone-breaker", from Latin saxum ("rock" or "stone") + frangere ("to break"). It is usually thought to indicate a medicinal use for treatment of urinary calculi (known as kidney stones), rather than breaking rocks apart.

  • Saxifraga spathularis

    Saxifraga spathularis, the St Patrick's-cabbage, is a species of saxifrage native to Portugal, Ireland and Spain. It is a member of the so-called Lusitanian flora, a small set of plants which are native to Ireland but inexplicably absent from Britain. It consists of a basal rosette of elongate obovate succulent leaves around an upright leafless flowering stem. It seems to grow best in humic alpine habitats among acidic rocks.

  • Saxifraga granulata

    Saxifraga granulata

    Saxifraga granulata, commonly called meadow saxifrage, is a species of flowering plant of the genus Saxifraga in the family Saxifragaceae.

  • Saxifraga paniculata

    Saxifraga paniculata

    Saxifraga paniculata is an alpine species of flowering plant in the saxifrage family, with native distribution in the temperate northern hemisphere. Common names include alpine saxifrage, encrusted saxifrage, lifelong saxifrage, lime-encrusted saxifrage, livelong saxifrage, White Mountain saxifrage, and silver saxifrage.

  • Saxifraga aspera

    Saxifraga aspera

    Saxifraga aspera is a species of saxifrage known by the common name of rough saxifrage. In German it is known as Rauhhaariger Steinbrech. It is placed in section Trachyphyllum of the genus Saxifraga. There are two subspecies, Saxifraga aspera subsp. aspera and Saxifraga aspera subsp. micrantha. It is a plant of the pan-Arctic tundra and is also found in Europe at moderately high altitudes in the Alps, Pyrenees and northern Apennines.

  • Saxifraga grisebachii

    Saxifraga grisebachii

    Saxifraga grisebachii, common name Engleria saxifrage, is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the Saxifragaceae family.

  • Saxifraga mertensiana

    Saxifraga mertensiana

    Saxifraga mertensiana, the wood saxifrage or Mertens' saxifrage, is a species of plant in the Saxifragaceae family. It is native to western North America.

  • Saxifraga rivularis

    Saxifraga rivularis

    Saxifraga rivularis is a species of saxifrage known by several common names, including highland saxifrage, weak saxifrage, alpine brook saxifrage, and pygmy saxifrage.

  • Saxifraga × arendsi

    Saxifraga × arendsi

    Saxifragaarendsii, the mossy saxifrage, is a perennial garden flowering plant.

  • Saxifraga sect. Cotylea

    SaxifragaCotylea is a section in the genus Saxifraga.

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