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- Noun Plural

An extinct order of birds having a long vertebrated tail with quills along each side of it. Archaeopteryx is the type. See Archaeopteryx, and Odontornithes.

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    Saururaceae is a plant family comprising four genera and seven species of herbaceous flowering plants native to eastern and southern Asia and North America. The family has been recognised by most taxonomists, and is sometimes known as the "lizard's-tail family". The APG IV system (2016; unchanged from the 2009 APG III system, the 2003 APG II system and the 1998 APG system ) assigned it to the order Piperales in the clade magnoliids.

  • Sauriurae

    Sauriurae (meaning "lizard tails" in Greek) is a now-deprecated subclass of birds created by Ernst Haeckel in 1866. It was intended to include Archaeopteryx and distinguish it from all other birds then known, which he grouped in the sister-group Ornithurae ("bird tails"). The distinction Haeckel referred to in this name is that Archaeopteryx possesses a long, reptile-like tail, while all other birds known to him had short tails with few vertebrae, fused at the end into a pygostyle. The unit was not much referred to, and when Hans Friedrich Gadow in 1893 erected Archaeornithes for basically the same fossils, this became the common name for the early reptile -like grade of birds.

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