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- Noun

Settlement of a claim, due, or demand; payment; indemnification; adequate compensation.

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  • Satisfaction

    Satisfaction may refer to:

  • Satisfaction!


    Satisfaction! is an album by organist Don Patterson recorded in 1965 and released on the Prestige label.

  • Satisfaction (2014 TV series)

    Satisfaction (2014 TV series)

    Satisfaction is a drama television series created by Sean Jablonski. It premiered on the USA Network on July 17, 2014. On February 26, 2016, USA cancelled Satisfaction after two seasons.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (short story)

    Satisfaction Guaranteed (short story)

    "Satisfaction Guaranteed" is a science fiction short story by American writer Isaac Asimov, originally published in the April 1951 issue of Amazing Stories , and included in the collections Earth Is Room Enough (1957), The Rest of the Robots (1964), and The Complete Robot (1982).

  • Satisfaction (Laura Branigan song)

    Satisfaction (Laura Branigan song)

    "Satisfaction" is a song by American pop singer Laura Branigan, which was released as the fourth and final single from her 1984 album Self Control . The song's original music was written by Bernd Dietrich, Gerd Grabowski and Engelbert Simons, whilst the English lyrics were written by Mark Spiro and superstar songwriter Diane Warren. It was produced by Jack White and Robbie Buchanan, who both produced the entire Self Control album together.

  • Complexity of constraint satisfaction

    The complexity of constraint satisfaction is the application of computational complexity theory on constraint satisfaction. It has mainly been studied for discriminating between tractable and intractable classes of constraint satisfaction problems on finite domains.

  • Satisfaction (Eve song)

    Satisfaction (Eve song)

    "Satisfaction" is a song by American rapper -songwriter Eve, released on February 25, 2003 as the second and final single from the album, Eve-Olution (2002). Co-produced by Dr. Dre and his then-protégé Mike Elizondo, it was one of the last songs that Eve added to the final track listing of her album.

  • Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction

    The Questionnaire For User Interaction Satisfaction (QUIS) is a tool developed to assess users' subjective satisfaction with specific aspects of the human-computer interface. It was developed in 1987 by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of Maryland Human – Computer Interaction Lab. The QUIS is currently at Version 7.0 with demographic questionnaire, a measure of overall system satisfaction along 6 scales, and measures of 9 specific interface factors. These 9 factors are: screen factors, terminology and system feedback, learning factors, system capabilities, technical manuals, on-line tutorials, multimedia, teleconferencing, and software installation. Currently available in: German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • Satisfaction (season 2)

    Satisfaction (season 2)

    Season 2 of Satisfaction began airing on 2 December 2008, and ended on 3 February 2009. Satisfaction continued to air on Foxtel's Showcase channel, airing all 10 episodes for the 2nd season. Season 2 saw the arrival of new character Sean (Dustin Clare ), and also the departure of Tippi (Bojana Novakovic ).

  • Satisfaction (season 1)

    Satisfaction (season 1)

    Season one of Satisfaction began airing on 5 December 2007, on Foxtel's Showcase and finished on 30 January 2008. Airing 10 episodes, the show explored the lives of 6 women, all with the same profession. Cast includes Alison Whyte, Madeleine West, Peta Sergeant, Kestie Morassi, Bojana Novakovic, and Diana Glenn. Using the slogan "Six Women. Two Lives. One Profession" to promote the show.

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