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- Noun

A silk cloth, of a thick, close texture, and overshot woof, which has a glossy surface.

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    4 Satin

    4 Satin is an EP by Scottish post-rock group Mogwai, released in 1997 in the UK and the US through Chemikal Underground and Jetset respectively.

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    Satin Boys, Flaming Chic

    "Satin Boys, Flaming Chic" is a limited edition 7" vinyl picture single by British duo Goldfrapp. The single features a remix of the band's song "Satin Chic" from their third album Supernature (2005) and a cover version of The Ordinary Boys' "Boys Will Be Boys ", as performed on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge on 27 April 2006. The single was released in the United Kingdom on 4 September 2006.

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