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- Noun

A follower of Robert Sandeman, a Scotch sectary of the eighteenth century. See Glassite.

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  • Glasite

    Sandeman into England and America, where the members were called Sandemanians. Glas dissented from

  • Charles Wilson Vincent

    librarian at both the Royal Institution and the Reform Club in London. He was a Sandemanian.

  • Robert Sandeman (theologian)

    to promote.His importance was such that Glasite churches outside Scotland were known as Sandemanian.

  • Henry Deacon (industrialist)

    mother was Esther Deacon, his father's cousin. The family were members of the Sandemanian church

  • David Sandeman

    all Glasites, an independent Christian sect, founded by one of their ancestors and sometimes called Sandemanians.

  • Samuel Pike

    Samuel Pike (1717?–1773) was a British clergyman and a member of a religious movement known as Sandemanians.

  • Gayle, North Yorkshire

    in 1833. A breakaway Methodist sect, associated with the Sandemanians in Scotland, was previously

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