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- Noun

A rare metallic element of doubtful identity.

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  • Samarium


    Samarium is a chemical element with the symbol Sm and atomic number 62. It is a moderately hard silvery metal that slowly oxidizes in air. Being a typical member of the lanthanide series, samarium usually assumes the oxidation state +3. Compounds of samarium(II) are also known, most notably the monoxide SmO, monochalcogenides SmS, SmSe and SmTe, as well as samarium(II) iodide. The last compound is a common reducing agent in chemical synthesis. Samarium has no significant biological role but is only slightly toxic.

  • Samarium hexaboride

    Samarium hexaboride

    Samarium hexaboride (SmB6) is an intermediate-valence compound where samarium is present both as Sm2+ and Sm3+ ions at the ratio 3:7. It belongs to a class of Kondo insulators.

  • Samarium chloride

    Samarium chloride may refer to:

  • Samarium chloride (disambiguation)

  • Samarium (III) chloride

  • Samarium dibromide

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