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- Noun

A name given to several plants which grow on the seashore, as the Batis maritima, and the glasswort. See Glasswort.

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  • Saltwort

    Saltwort is a common name for various genera of flowering plants that thrive in salty environments, typically in coastal salt marshes and seashores, including:

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    Sečovlje Saltworks

    The Sečovlje Saltworks (Slovene: Sečoveljske soline) is the largest Slovenian salt evaporation pond. Along with the Strunjan Saltworks, they are the northernmost Mediterranean saltworks and one of the few where salt is still produced in a traditional way, as well as a wetland of international importance and a breeding place for waterbirds. They are part of the Piran Saltworks and are located at Parecag in Slovenian Istria, the southwest of the country, at the Adriatic Sea, along the mouth of the Dragonja River near Sečovlje.

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    The Dampier Saltworks Important Bird Area is a 52 km2 saltern lying close to the town of Dampier, an industrial port in the Pilbara region of north-west Western Australia. The salt processing facility is operated by Dampier Salt Ltd, part of the Rio Tinto Group.

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    Mercers Saltworks is a former settlement in Summers County, West Virginia, United States. Mercers Saltworks was located on the New River, east of Lick Creek and appeared on maps as late as 1932.

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