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- Noun Plural

A division of Orthoptera including grasshoppers, locusts, and crickets.

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  • Saltatoria

  • Pandea saltatoria

  • Saldula saltatoria

    Saldula saltatoria

    Saldula saltatoria is a Holarctic shore bug with a circumboreal distribution. It is widespread in Central Europe and is the most common of the shore bugs, and often occurs in large numbers.

  • Salvatoria koorineclavata

    Salvatoria koorineclavata is a species belonging to the phylum Annelida, a group known as the segmented worms. A related species in Australia has been described as Brania clavata and subsequently as Salvatoria clavata. While similar, the Australian species has a longer pharynx and proventricle; at the same time, blades of chaetae are present in the Australian species, with longer and upwards curved spines, which are straight in S. clavata; its pharyngeal tooth is located more anteriorly than in S. clavata. Other global species, like those in the genus Brania, are also similar to S. koorineclavata. Salvatoria californiensis has similar chaetae, with shorter spines and less developed teeth. Its acicula lacks a defined acute tip, and the proventricle is quite shorter, running through 5 segments in S. koorineclavata, with fewer rows of muscle cells (21–22 in koorineclavata). The species name comes from an Aboriginal word, Koorine, meaning "daughter", due to the similarity of the Australian species to the European species of S. clavata.

  • Salvatoria pilkena

    Salvatoria pilkena is a species belonging to the phylum Annelida, a group known as the segmented worms. The species name comes from an Aboriginal word, pilkena, meaning "different", due to its characteristic features. Salvatoria pilkena belongs to a reduced group of species that possess rugose dorsal cirri, contrary to the typical spindle-shaped cirri found in its genus. It also lacks dorsal cirri on chaetiger 2. It resembles Salvatoria swedmarki and S. celiae, differing from pilkena in that the latter has significantly longer proventricles, while its compound chaetae are short and unidentate. At the same time, S. opisthodentata has a similar body and compound chaetae but appears to possess dorsal cirri on its chaetiger 2.

  • Green-winged saltator

    Green-winged saltator

    The green-winged saltator (Saltator similis) is a species of saltator in the Thraupidae family. It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and ranges into the southern cerrado and the pantanal.

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