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- Noun

A popular Italian dance in quick 3-4 or 6-8 time, running mostly in triplets, but with a hop step at the beginning of each measure. See Tarantella.

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  • Saltarello


    The saltarello is a musical dance originally from Italy. The first mention of it is in Add MS 29987, a late-fourteenth- or early fifteenth-century manuscript of Tuscan origin, now in the British Library. It was usually played in a fast triple meter and is named for its peculiar leaping step, after the Italian verb saltare ("to jump"). This characteristic is also the basis of the German name Hoppertanz or Hupfertanz ("hopping dance"); other names include the French pas de Brabant and the Spanish alta or alta danza.

  • Luca Saltarello

    Luca Saltarello (Genoa, c. 1610 – Rome, c. 1645) was an Italian Baroque painter known for his religious compositions. After training in Genoa he worked the rest of his short life in Rome.

  • Michael Angelo Saltarelli

    Michael Angelo Saltarelli

    Michael Angelo Saltarelli (January 17, 1932 – October 8, 2009) was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Bishop of Wilmington from 1995 to 2008.

  • Dane Saltarelli

    Dane Saltarelli

    Dane Saltarelli is an American football player from Bradenton, Florida who plays as a tight end for the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

  • Jacopo Saltarelli

    Jacopo d’Andrea Saltarelli (born 1459) was an apprentice goldsmith and male prostitute, sometimes described in modern literature as an artist's model, about whom nothing is known except the details of court records of several charges of prostitution, in one of which Leonardo da Vinci was among the accused.

  • Salterella


    Salterella is an enigmatic Cambrian genus with a small, conical, calcareous shell that appears to be septate, but is rather filled with stratified laminar deposits. The shell contains grains of sediment, which are obtained selectively (with a preference for denser grains) by a manner also observed in foramanifera.

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