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- Noun

The pollock, or coalfish; -- called also sillock.

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  • Walter E. Smithe

    Walter E. Smithe is a furniture company based in Itasca, Illinois. The company makes, sells, and repairs furniture, specializing in custom upholstery, and operates ten showrooms throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. It was founded by Walter Edward Smithe and Bill Shanahan in 1945. Currently, there are 3 generations involved in the business: Walter Smithe Jr is retired, but regularly visits the showrooms. Walter Smithe III and Mark Smithe (the Smithe Brothers) are the sons of Walter Jr, and serve as President and VP/Legal Counsel, respectively. The 3rd brother, Tim Smithe, retired in 2016. The Smithe brothers have been described as "Chicago's most recognizable furniture purveyors", due to their ubiquitous television commercials starring themselves. The 4th generation (the Smithe Sisters), all daughters of Walter III, are Maureen Smithe (buyer), Meghan Smithe (director of marketing), Caitie Smithe (designer, design coordinator and stylist) and Colleen Smithe (director of advertising).

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    Stann Waithe (born November 3, 1985) is a Trinidadian sprinter, who specialized in the 400 metres. He is a member of the track and field team for the Michigan Wolverines, while attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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    Marvell Waithe

    Marvell Waithe (born October 20th, 1987) is a Canadian basketball player from Toronto who plays as a power forward for the Halifax Hurricanes basketball team.Previously, he was in the Arkansas Razorbacks lineup.

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