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- Verb

To convert into, or to impregnate with, sugar.

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  • Saccharin

    Sodium saccharin (benzoic sulfimide) is an artificial sweetener with effectively no food energy

  • Saccharic acid

    Saccharic acid, also called glucaric acid, is a chemical compound with the formula C6H10O8

  • Leptosphaeria sacchari

    Leptosphaeria sacchari is a plant pathogen.

  • Phaeocytostroma sacchari

    Phaeocytostroma sacchari is an ascomycete fungus that is a plant pathogen.

  • Bipolaris sacchari

    Eye spot on sugarcane Bipolaris sacchari is a plant pathogen that causes root and stem rot in wheat

  • Opogona sacchari

    Opogona sacchari, the banana moth, is a moth of the family Tineidae. The species was first

  • Saccharine Trust

    Saccharine Trust is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1980

  • Saccharina latissima

    Saccharina latissima is a brown algae (class Phaeophyceae), of the family Laminariaceae

  • Marasmius sacchari

    Marasmius sacchari is a fungal plant pathogen which has been identified as causing root rot of sugar cane.

  • Phyllachora sacchari

    Phyllachora sacchari is a plant pathogen infecting sorghum.

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