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- Noun

One who strewed rushes on the floor at dances.

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  • Rusher

    Rusher may refer to:

  • Jack Rusher

    John Dunbar Rusher (born April 18, 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American rower. He graduated from Harvard University in 1989.

  • Gold Rusher

    Gold Rusher

    Gold Rusher is a mine train roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, constructed in 1971 by Arrow Dynamics.

  • Rusher Hotel

    Rusher Hotel

    The Rusher Hotel, also known as the Great Southern Hotel, is a historic hotel building at 127 West Cedar Street in Brinkley, Arkansas. It was built in 1915 to serve the Brinkley Union Station. It is a three-story brick building, whose main entrance originally faced the railroad, but was reoriented to the street facade after the railroad declined in importance.

  • Lillian Rusher

    Lillian Rusher

    Lillian Rusher is an American soccer player from Salisbury, North Carolina who plays as a midfielder for the Carolina Rapids soccer team.

  • Jack Rusher, IV

  • Bill Rusher

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