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- Noun

The unit of monetary value in Russia. It is divided into 100 copecks, and in the gold coin of the realm (as in the five and ten ruble pieces) is worth about 77 cents. The silver ruble is a coin worth about 60 cents.

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  • Ruble


    The ruble or rouble (/ˈruːbəl/; Russian: рубль, IPA: [rublʲ ]) or ₽ is or was a currency unit of a number of countries in Eastern Europe closely associated with the economy of Russia. Originally, the ruble was the currency unit of Imperial Russia and then the Soviet Union (as the Soviet ruble ), and it is currently the currency unit of Russia (as the Russian ruble ) and Belarus (as the Belarussian ruble ). The Russian ruble is also used in two regions of Georgia, which are considered by Russia as partially recognised states of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In the past, several other countries influenced by Russia and the Soviet Union had currency units that were also named rubles. One ruble is divided into 100 kopeks (Russian: копейка, IPA: [kɐˈpʲejkə ]).

  • New Belarusian ruble

    New Belarusian ruble

    The Belarusian ruble or rouble (Belarusian: рубель rubieĺ; sign: Br; code: BYN) is the official currency of Belarus. The ruble is subdivided into 100 copecks (sometimes written as kopecks; Belarusian: капейка kapiejka).

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    5 ruble Russian banknote

    The Russian five-ruble banknote was introduced in 1998 and then discontinued in 2001 because of inflation. Five-ruble notes are very hard to find in general circulation. The most prominent color of the note is light-green in the background.

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