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- Noun

A nickname for a Puritan. See Roundheads, the, in the Dictionary of Noted Names in Fiction.

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  • Roundhead (Wyandot)

    Roundhead (c. 1760 – October 5, 1813), also known as Bark Carrier, Round Head, Stayeghtha

  • Roundhead

    of the 'divine right of kings'. The goal of the Roundhead party was to give the Parliament supreme control over executive administration of the country/kingdom.

  • Roundhead, Ohio

    Roundhead is an unincorporated community in southeastern Roundhead Township, Hardin County, Ohio

  • Edward Hungerford (Roundhead)

    Sir Edward Hungerford (1596–1648) of Corsham, Wiltshire and of Farleigh Castle in Wiltshire (now Somerset), Member of Parliament, was a Parliamentarian commander during the English Civil War. He occupied and plundered Salisbury in 1643, and took Wardour and Farleigh castles.

  • Roundhead Township, Hardin County, Ohio

    Roundhead Township is one of the fifteen townships of Hardin County, Ohio, United States. As of the 2010 census the population was 720.

  • Anthony Hungerford (Roundhead)

    Anthony Hungerford (1614/15?–1657) was a Colonel in the English Parliamentary army who fought in Ireland during the War of the Three Kingdoms.

  • Eight Days at Roundhead

    Eight Days At Roundhead is an album by the New Zealand band The Exponents, released in 2013

  • William Bury (Roundhead)

    Sir William Bury (c. 1605–1669) fought for the Parliamentary causes during the English Civil War and was a colonel in the New Model Army during Interregnum. He was also a Member of the First Protectorate Parliament, and held various Commonwealth government offices.

  • Lethrinops marginatus

    Lethrinops marginatus, also known as the Lethrinops 'rounded head' in the aquarium fish trade

  • Longfin

    The longfins, also known as roundheads or spiny basslets, are a family, Plesiopidae, which were

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