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- Noun

A common hackney horse; a nag.

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  • Roundy Coughlin

    Joseph Leo "Roundy" Coughlin (September 18, 1889 – December 9, 1971) was a sports columnist from Madison, Wisconsin who wrote primarily for the Wisconsin State Journal. Most of his bylines were simply "Roundy." His column, "Roundy Says," was the newspaper's most popular column.

  • Bouncy house

    Bouncy house may refer to:

  • Jack Roundy

    Jack Roundy

    Jack Roundy is an American baseball player from Draper, Utah who plays as an outfielder.

  • Bouncy castle (cryptography)

  • Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

    Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

    Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy is a compilation album of singles by British rock band The Who, released in 1971 as Track 2406 006 in the UK and as Decca DL 79184 in the US. It entered the US Billboard 200 chart on 20 November 1971, peaking at number 11, and the UK chart on 3 December 1971, peaking at number 9. In 1987, Rolling Stone ranked it number 99 on their list of the 100 best albums of the period 1967–1987.

  • Bouncy ball

    Bouncy ball

    A bouncy ball , power ball or super ball is a popular polybutadiene rubber toy ball which rebounds proportionally to the amount of force used when thrown at a hard surface. The first such ball was the proprietary Super Ball. The Sky Ball is an example of another bouncy ball. Bouncy balls can often bounce over three stories high and can also be thrown against a wall and caught when bouncing back.

  • Joseph Roundy

    Joseph Roundy

    Joseph Roundy (born September 9th, 1975) is an American basketball player from Las Vegas who plays as a center. He was previously in the AEK Larnaca lineup.

  • Cold and Bouncy

    Cold and Bouncy

    Cold and Bouncy is the fourth studio album by Anglo-Irish avant-pop band the High Llamas, released on 27 January 1998 on V2 Records. According to bandleader Sean O'Hagan, the title refers to electronica 's "paradoxical" combination of "cold" or digital sounds and "bouncy" rhythms. Before the album was released, O'Hagan played early versions of its tracks to the Beach Boys ' Bruce Johnston and Al Jardine, who suggested that the band record his songs, but this never happened.

  • Bouncy Bouncy (horse)

    Bouncy Bouncy is a racing horse owned by Mrs. A Scotney. She was bred by Miss Adelaide Foley & Roger O'Callaghan and sired by Chineur with Wunderbra as the dam.

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