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- Noun

A defamatory forgery or falsehood published for purposes of political intrigue.

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  • Rohrbach District

    Bezirk Rohrbach is a district of the state of Upper Austria in Austria.

  • John Martin's Book

    John Martin's Book was a children's magazine aimed at five- to eight-year-olds. Martin Gardner wrote that it was a "pioneering publication" and the "most entertaining magazine" aimed at this age group published in the US. Priced from 10 to 50 cents over its twenty-year run, it was primarily purchased by middle and upper income families due to its cost. After the end of John Martin's Book, Shepard became juvenile director for the National Broadcasting Company.

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  • Battle of Rossbach

    of the Seven Years' War) near the village of Rossbach (Roßbach), in the Electorate of Saxony

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    Eloise Roorbach (April 17, 1868 – February 16, 1961) was an American artist, writer, editor, and critic.

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    Rohrbach Metall-Flugzeugbau was an airplane factory located in Berlin, Germany and founded in 1922

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    Bill Roorbach (born August, 1953 Chicago, Illinois) is an American novelist, short story and nature

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    Orville Augustus Roorbach was an American publisher and bibliographer. Roorbach was born in Red

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