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- Verb

To give strength or support to; to confirm.

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    "Rorate caeli" or "Rorate coeli" (literally "Let Heaven"), from Isaiah 45:8 in the Vulgate

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    Notocelia roborana is a moth of the family Tortricidae. It is found from Europe to eastern Russia

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    Ander Romarate Agirre (born 14 June 1994) is an S8 swimmer from Spain.

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    , Robogate, or RoboCon) is a political scandal stemming from events during the 2011 Canadian federal

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    Robbiate (Brianzöö: Rubiàa) is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Lecco in the Italian

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    The West Peruvian screech owl (Megascops roboratus) is a species of owl in the family Strigidae.It

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    Windows Mixed Reality is a mixed reality platform introduced as part of the Windows 10 operating system, which provides holographic and mixed reality experiences with compatible head-mounted displays. Its flagship device, Microsoft HoloLens, was announced at the "Windows 10: The Next Chapter" press event on January 21, 2015 It provides a mixed reality experience where a live presentation of physical real-world elements is incorporated with that of virtual elements (referred to as "holograms" by Microsoft) such that they are perceived to exist together in a shared environment. A variant of Windows for augmented reality computers (which augment a real-world physical environment with virtual elements) Windows Mixed Reality features an augmented-reality operating environment in which any Unive

  • Guided rat

    A remotely guided rat, popularly called a ratbot or robo-rat, is a rat with electrodes implanted in the medial forebrain bundle (MFB) and sensorimotor cortex of its brain. They were developed in 2002 by Sanjiv Talwar and John Chapin at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center. The rats wear a small electronics backpack containing a radio receiver and electrical stimulator. The rat receives remote stimulation in the sensorimotor cortex via its backpack that causes the rat to feel a sensation in its left or right whiskers, and stimulation in the MFB that is interpreted as a reward or pleasure.

  • Zwalm

    , , Hundelgem, Meilegem, Munkzwalm, Nederzwalm, Paulatem, Roborst, Rozebeke, Sint-Blasius-Boekel, Sint

  • Daddy's Roommate

    Daddy's Roommate is a children's book written by Michael Willhoite and published by Alyson Books in 1990. One of the first children's books to address the subject of homosexuality, the story follows a young boy whose divorced father now lives with his life partner. The book's depiction of a gay household has led to its inclusion in many educational programs, and Willhoite's work was awarded a Lambda Literary Award in 1991.

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